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Juicy Tales of Sex and Dating in Tel Aviv

By On November 18, 2016

D123: Such a shame. I thought we really clicked. JOAN OF ARC: I just wasn’t looking at my iPhone. I’m a bit drunk… D123: Want me to come over? So begins an… Read More


Sexual Abuse, Incest, and Imagination in This Dark Israeli Film

By On May 25, 2016

“Our imaginations can sometimes change our reality,” writes Israeli writer/director Tali Shalom Ezer about her award-winning film Princess. But only sometimes. Ezer’s main character, 12-year-old Adar (played hauntingly by Shira Haas) is… Read More

What The Talmud Says When It Talks Dirty

What The Talmud Talks About When It Talks About Sex

By On March 30, 2016

Who knew that medieval rabbis had so much to say about sex? The Talmudic sages compared the size of their “limbs,” mandated that couples engage in foreplay, and decided how often husbands… Read More


Scary Old Sex: A 73-Year-Old Psychoanalyst’s Debut Story Collection

By On February 9, 2016

Struggling to balance a living with a passion, many writers wonder: what if life gets in the way? For Arlene Heyman, whose debut collection of short stories Scary Old Sex drops in… Read More

Shel Silverstein and the Playboy Mansion

When Shel Silverstein Was a Playboy Mansion Regular

By On November 29, 2015

Some people get their inspiration from singing in the shower or running cross-country. Others – like author Shel Silverstein – get them from the Playboy Mansion. Yes, Shel Silverstein. The same guy… Read More

A Rabbi (and Movie) for All Your Sexual Hangups

A Rabbi (and Movie) for All Your Sexual Hangups

By On August 4, 2015

“You think a rabbi could teach you anything about sex?” asks director Ricardo Adler. It’s a fair question. Adler has made a spiritual and sensuous documentary called The Lost Key that explores… Read More

French-Yiddish Sex Advice for 1930s Jewish Girls

French-Yiddish Sex Advice for 1930s Jewish Girls

By On May 28, 2015

Part of curator Dr. Yoel Finkelman’s job at Israel’s National Library is to keep an eye out for items that belong in the collection. So when he spotted an item called “Advice… Read More

Ever Wonder How the Ultra-Orthodox Teach About Sex?

Sex, Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Style

By On April 14, 2015

Ori Gruder didn’t know how to talk to his 10-year-old son about the birds and the bees. Gruder is 44, a father of six, and a member of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox religious community,… Read More

Erotica That Only a Jewish Mother Can Love

Erotica for the Kosher Set

By On March 3, 2015

By the frum, for the frum, Shosha Pearl writes the sexiest—and possibly only—erotica completely permissible by traditional Jewish law. Shosha Pearl is a pen name. Her stories, all set in the Orthodox… Read More


The Screw-y, Filthy World of Al Goldstein

By On November 18, 2013

The lives of some sex peddlers are just made for Hollywood. Larry Flynt: check. Hugh Hefner: coming soon. Al Goldstein? Not quite yet. While some goyishe porn pushers tried to pass off orgies as art—we’re… Read More


Biblical Straight Edge

By On May 3, 2012

In contrast to the risky excesses that one normally associates with American teenagers–alcohol, drugs, sex–a bunch of rebellious teenagers in and around Washington D.C. in the early 1980s created the “straight edge” movement. In… Read More


Messed-Up Bible Stories

By On January 26, 2012

There’s no denying it. Some stories from the Torah are straight-up disturbing. Often, in Hebrew schools and synagogues, people push these stories into the background, focusing instead on more easily understandable (and less shiver-inducing) parts. However, a new animated… Read More

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