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Hey Jews, Go Back to Poland!

By On April 18, 2013

We’re used to a certain kind of Jewish nostalgia for the old country and the relative simplicity of shtetl life, but nobody’s really serious about going back there. Right? Not exactly. Since 2007, Israeli… Read More



By On March 21, 2012

The children’s author Maurice Sendak recently released Bumble-Ardy, the first book in three decades that he’s both written and illustrated. In fact, the story is not exactly new–it’s adapted from a short film Sendak made for Sesame Street in 1970.… Read More


A Lego Jewish Wedding

By On June 1, 2011

In Judaism, getting married is a bit more complicated than just finding a rabbi and saying “I do.” If you’re a first-time attendee of a traditional Jewish wedding, there’s a lot to… Read More


The Seder: The Miniseries

By On April 15, 2011

What do you think about when you think of the Passover seder? That’s the question that the Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning asked of 11 filmmakers. The resulting films–one for each of… Read More


Love in the Shtetl

By On April 5, 2011

A young couple meets, falls in love, dances at their wedding, and then must flee the tiny shtetl where they live. This is the plot for “Almonds and Wine,” a new short animated film by… Read More


Real Girls in Trouble

By On January 14, 2011

Human trafficking is a huge problem throughout the world, both in developing countries and in first-world nations. Thousands of women from former Soviet republics alone are taken from their homes every year,… Read More


Elvis in Jerusalem

By On October 8, 2010

“Dancing in a Dangerous World”–the new album from the band Moshav–is a wild hybrid of two radically different types of music, American and Israeli. Middle Eastern dance-rock rhythms run up against country-rock guitar… Read More