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A Virginia Jew Created These Controversial Confederate Statues

By On August 25, 2017

Jews are a prominent part of today’s conversation about American racism and confederate history. Many have denounced Trump’s response to the events in Charlottesville, and this week, three groups of rabbis canceled… Read More

The Jew Who Got the Ball Dropping on Times Square

The Jew Who Got the Ball Dropping on Times Square

By On December 31, 2015

  One million people are expected to cram into New York’s Times Square tonight to watch a giant crystal ball descend. One billion people will tune in from all over the world.… Read More

What To Do About the Celebrated Jewish Slaveholder?

What To Do About the Jewish Slaveholders?

By On October 19, 2015

As Jews, we love to revel in the accomplishments of our own. But a group of Jewish leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina is curbing some enthusiasm about an unsavory memorialized Jew: Judah… Read More

Helen Keller Had a Rabbi?

Helen Keller Had a Southern Rabbi

By On August 14, 2015

No, Helen Keller didn’t make a late conversion to Judaism. But an amazing discovery a few days ago by archivists at Mississippi’s Institute of Southern Jewish Life reveals a connection historians didn’t… Read More

Georgia's First Jew

Georgia’s First Jew

By On March 12, 2015

Although it’s hard to believe today, Savannah, Georgia was once nearly one-third Jewish. And the man who got the trend going, a Portuguese Jewish doctor named Samuel Nunes, almost didn’t make it… Read More

The Jewish Country Music Star

The Jewish Country Music King

By On July 24, 2014

  He’s 6’7″, wears a long grey ponytail down his back, and was named Texas Musician of the Year in 2004. His name is Ray Benson, and in addition to being the founder… Read More


A Charleston Poet in a Calico Gown

By On April 23, 2013

Happy 216th birthday to Penina Moise (1797-1880): poet, Southerner, and Sunday school superintendent. Moise’s life could have been a Victorian melodrama: One of 9 children born to French immigrants in Charleston, South Carolina, a… Read More


The Jewish Chinese Revolutionary

By On October 23, 2012

Did you know that during the Chinese Cultural Revolution a Jewish man headed the Chinese Broadcast Administration? The new documentary The Revolutionary (trailer here) explores the fascinating life of Sidney Rittenberg, who went from Southern Jewish gentleman… Read More

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