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The Rosenberg Kids Are Still Fighting for Their Parents’ Good Name

By On July 3, 2017

64 years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for spying for the Soviet Union, their children are still fighting to honor their parents’ name. In 1953, the Rosenbergs were convicted of… Read More

The Israeli James Bond

The Israeli James Bond

By On August 8, 2014

The name’s Cohen, Eli Cohen. Born to Jewish and Zionist parents in 1926, Israel defense was in Cohen’s blood from the start. After being spurned by the Mossad in the late 1950s, the Egyptian-born Cohen… Read More


Jewish Spies and Arab Wives

By On October 19, 2012

In movies and TV, intelligence operations are often portrayed as glamorously dangerous human chess matches with a series of sexual entanglements and ingenious double crosses. The operatives are master manipulators, forming intimate relationships… Read More


Shakespeare the Spy

By On November 15, 2010

 An Israeli spy narrowly escapes an assassination in the middle of the desert, before killing the assassin. Years later, in New York City, this spy bumps into his would-be killer on the… Read More


Dangerous Angels

By On November 9, 2010

The novel An Occupation of Angels is like an Israeli Da Vinci Code–with angels. Huge, murderous, angry angels. In the book, set during the Cold War, angels like Raphael,Gabriel, and Metatron appear for no apparent reason. They… Read More


Growing Up Psychic in Israel

By On September 20, 2010

Israeli director Ari Folman scored big with his 2008 animated film Waltz with Bashir, an introspective portrait of army service that was a critical and commercial triumph. Over a decade earlier, Folman directed… Read More