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A New Israeli Smartphone App for the Dog Who Has Everything

By On March 28, 2017

Q: What do you get for the pooch who’s got it all? A: A smartphone app just for them. Duh. The municipal government of Tel Aviv has just launched Digi-Dog, an app especially for… Read More


This Bubbe’s White Wardrobe is NYC’s Hottest New Art

By On March 16, 2017

While she was alive, Sara Berman knitted, cooked, and babysat her grandchildren, Alex and Lulu. She had great style, and loved to help her grandkids arrange their closets. Her own NYC closet… Read More

Tel Aviv's 1933 Purim Parade Starred This Hitler Float

Tel Aviv’s 1933 Purim Parade Starred This Controversial Hitler Float

By On March 22, 2016

March 1933, Tel Aviv. While Zionist leaders debated how to protest Hitler’s rise to power and help German Jews emigrate, Tel Aviv residents were gearing up for their annual Adloyada Purim parade.… Read More

On Being Gay & Arab in Tel Aviv

Gay & Arab in Tel Aviv

By On June 3, 2015

“Gay Israelis say, ‘You don’t feel accepted here? See how other Arab countries treat you,’” says Khader, one of the subjects of Oriented, a new documentary by Jake Witzenfeld. “But here I… Read More

Why Food Pornographers are Flocking to this Tel Aviv Restaurant

Why Food Pornographers are Flocking to this Tel Aviv Restaurant

By On May 11, 2015

You know how simultaneously tantalizing and mind-numbing it gets to scroll through Facebook and Instagram photos of all your friends’ delicious meals? A Tel Aviv restaurant is embracing the trend—by embracing your… Read More


An Israeli Film Popping With Lipstick and Guns

By On June 11, 2014

Shirtless men on bicycles, male bonding, gender relations, and social unrest. In Policeman, Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s newest film, opening in select theaters on June 13, a band of special operations unit policemen,… Read More


Lost in Tel Aviv

By On November 18, 2011

Eric Orner is a comic book artist who is disconnected from his Jewish identity…except that he recently moved to Israel. In the autobiographical comic story “Weekends Abroad”–which was just reprinted in The Best American Comics 2011… Read More


Tel Aviv Chic

By On March 18, 2011

The cutting-edge clothing store Urban Outfitters just released the photo spreads for their new spring catalogue, and if some of the background locations look a little familiar, well, there’s a reason for that–the photos… Read More