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Meet Robert Adler, The Viennese Jew Who Invented the Clicker

By On December 27, 2017

Robert Adler was a brilliant physicist and inventor who narrowly escaped the Holocaust, came to the U.S. to help discover innovations like the electric beam parametric amplifier and touch-screen technology. But he… Read More


The Original ‘Goldbergs’ TV Show Changed 1950s America

By On June 5, 2017

Every radio episode started the same way: “Yoo-hoo, is anybody?” And then: “That’s Molly Goldberg, folks – a woman with a place in every heart, and a finger in every pie.” Molly… Read More


Fraggle Rock’s Yiddish-Speaking Trash Heap Named Marjory

By On February 14, 2017

Who do you go to when you need advice, along with a little sass? If you were a Fraggle, you would have gone to Marjory the Trash Heap, a miracle of puppet… Read More


‘Holocaust On Ice’ Breaks Records For Russian Tackiness

By On November 27, 2016

The Internet shines a spotlight on a lot of “seemed like a good idea at the time” schemes, but rarely have we seen something that deserved to be killed in the drawing… Read More


This Post-9/11 “Seinfeld” Script is Cringe-Worthy — But Also Incredible

By On September 6, 2016

Last month, something potentially terrible happened: Someone decided to write out a hypothetical script for an episode of Seinfeld set in the days after September 11, 2001. The sheer audacity of the move… Read More

Two Jews in Love--in Yiddish--in Havana

Two Jews in Love (in Yiddish) in Havana

By On April 12, 2016

Today Cuba is in the news for resuming diplomatic relations with the United States after a four-decade Cold War freeze. But it was a very different place in 1942, when Reuben and… Read More


That Episode Where Mary Tyler Moore Defended the Jews

By On April 11, 2016

A current exhibit at New York City’s Jewish Museum exploring anti-Semitism through pop culture, entitled The Television Project: Some of My Best Friends, borrows its name from that classic lead-up to inevitable… Read More

Israel's Weirdest Innovation is this TV Station for your Dog

Israel’s Weirdest Innovation Is This TV Station For Your Dog

By On March 10, 2016

  Does your dog, like this one, howl uncontrollably when Law and Order comes on? Or maybe there’s pacing and growling every time Netanyahu is on the news or you try to… Read More

If "The Wire" Were Israeli, It Would Be This Show

If “The Wire” Were Israeli, It Would Be This Show

By On July 31, 2015

Fauda, a new thriller on Israeli TV, is being likened to American crime drama The Wire, and not just for its frequent shoot-outs and edge-of-your-seat pacing; like its American cousin, the show… Read More

Remember the M*A*S*H Episode with the Bris?

When M*A*S*H Had a Bris

By On May 29, 2015

We already know Alan Alda does it all: diagnoses himself, eats rum cake off the floor, tests the best ways for fifth graders to learn about fire. But the man really outdid… Read More

Why the New Trans TV Show is Good for the Jews

The New Trans TV Show That’s Good for the Jews

By On October 15, 2014

Amazon’s first foray into television, Transparent, looks like it will be good for the Jews, especially if it succeeds. In the first season, three self-involved, adult Jewish siblings in Los Angeles will discover… Read More

Finally! Seinfeld in Yiddish.

Finally! Seinfeld in Yiddish

By On October 6, 2014

The trademark bass-slapping is at first replaced with the opening bars of “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof, but otherwise it looks like any other Seinfeld re-run – until Jerry and Elaine open their mouths and… Read More

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