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Why an Ancient Tablet Describing an Ark Isn’t Proof the Biblical Story Happened

By On August 31, 2017

Amazing rescue stories are starting to emerge from Texas. The human chain that helped an elderly man exit his stranded car. Volunteers coming from afar on Jet Skis and fishing boats. It got… Read More


The Police Supply Store and 10 Other Synagogue Disguises

By On October 28, 2016

  Every year, we commemorate the ancient Temples that were destroyed, but what about the houses of worship that have been repurposed, reconstructed, reinvented — in other words, disguised as something else?… Read More


The Kinkiest Jewish Cowboy in Texas

By On October 14, 2016

  Richard S. “Kinky” Friedman has many faces, and he’s proud of each one. There’s Kinky Friedman, fictional detective, not to be confused with Kinky Friedman, the author who penned a series of… Read More

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