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A New Film Asks: Was Rudolf Kasztner a Hero or Nazi Collaborator?

Rudolf Kasztner: Hero or Nazi Collaborator?

By On July 30, 2014

The Talmud says that “he who saves one life, it is as if he saved the entire world.” So a person who saved 1,684 lives during the Holocaust would surely be considered… Read More

The Holocaust Play Too Scandalous for the American Stage

The Holocaust Play Too Scandalous for the American Stage

By On July 7, 2014

When you think of secret diaries from World War II, your first thought is probably Anne Frank. But there’s a much stranger and darker text that most people don’t know about—the diary of… Read More

The Righteous Gentile With The $4 Million Violin

First He Rescued Jews, Then He Lost His $4 Million Violin

By On June 26, 2014

Founder of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, rescuer of over 1,000 Jews from Nazi persecution, world-renowned virtuoso violinist. This is a guy we can get behind. Born in Poland in 1882, Bronisław Huberman had an ear… Read More


Preach, Leadbelly, Preach

By On July 25, 2012

When the U.S. joined the Allies in 1941, the Nazi party had been in power for nearly a decade, and they already murdered a million Jews. Nevertheless, in America, knowledge of the Holocaust… Read More


A Nazi, Assassinated

By On May 1, 2012

Is there such thing as being too obsessed with World War II? Reinhard Heydrich, the “Butcher of Prague,” was one of the most fearsome men in the Nazi party–he organized Kristallnacht and chaired the… Read More


The Holocaust, with Punchlines

By On April 19, 2012

Edge City is a daily comic strip published in many national newspapers. It’s about a family, the Ardins, who happen to be Jewish. Jewish subjects don’t feature in the Ardins’ life every day, but their… Read More


Disney’s Anne Frank

By On March 6, 2012

A death-defying chase down an Amsterdam sewer. A theme song called “Living Free (Until the Nazis Find Us Again)” that’s just begging for an Academy Award. A nest of musical rats living in an attic who meet Anne Frank and her… Read More


Before and After the Holocaust

By On February 17, 2012

H.G. Adler (1910-1988), a writer from Prague, was a younger member of the artists’ circle that included Franz Kafka and Max Brod. In 1942, he was deported to Terezin, and later Auschwitz. Panorama, his epic first novel, was… Read More


Breadcrumbs of the Past

By On February 6, 2012

Until recently, Bram Presser was known as the lead singer of YidCore, a Jewish punk band that played loud, fast versions of songs such as “If I Was a Rich Man” and “Wind Beneath… Read More


The Other Anne Franks

By On February 1, 2012

Shalom Auslander’s new novel Hope: A Tragedy takes a calculated risk: It’s a neurotic, bizarre story that mines the Holocaust for humor. The plot involves a paranoid middle-aged Jew, obsessed with death and his own mortality, who… Read More


Hogan’s Heroes

By On January 30, 2012

If you described the 1960s TV show Hogan’s Heroes as a “sitcom about a German P.O.W. camp during  World War II,” you’d probably receive more than a few surprised looks–but that’s exactly what it… Read More


Curious George and the Nazis

By On December 27, 2011

When the Nazi party was gaining popularity in Germany, Hans Augusto Rey, a Jewish salesman, knew it was a good time to get out. He moved to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. There, he met and married… Read More