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touched by an angel


Lailah, the Angel of Conception, Left Her Mark On Your Face

By On June 30, 2017

You might not know it, but you have a philtrum and everyone who looks at you can see it. The philtrum—that groove we all have above our upper lips—may not be a… Read More

The Ancient Rabbi's Secret Nighttime Diary

The Ancient Rabbi’s Secret Diary

By On October 29, 2014

Some people fill their diaries with secrets and desires, others with the details of nighttime angel rendezvous.In 1646, such a diary appeared. Titled the Maggid Mesharim, or “Preacher of Righteousness,” the odd and mystical… Read More


Hand of Miriam, Hand of Fatima, Eye of God

By On April 29, 2011

People sometimes talk about being “touched by God,” and the hamsa takes this metaphor to a different level by giving it a physical manifestation. The hamsa isn’t exactly God’s hand, but is rather a spiritual… Read More