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Hip, Strange Yiddish Music Videos Straight Outta Germany

By On May 9, 2017

“Everything has an end–only the sausage has two.” It’s not the only German idiom involving sausage (there are many), but so far as we know it is the only one to first… Read More


The Nazi History of This Yiddish Protest Banner

By On January 23, 2017

Among the sea of signs, pink hats, and protesters that flooded the streets of New York City at Saturday’s Women’s March was one standout: A bright red banner with hand-lettered lyrics from… Read More


A 21st-Century Yiddish Pop Hit Straight from Azerbaijan

By On January 2, 2014

In the 20th century, the Andrews Sisters made the Yiddish-ish song “Bei Mir Bist Du Shein” a hit (it was even successful in Germany before the Nazis realized the song was Yiddish, and not a… Read More


WTF Just Happened to “Oyfn Pripetchik”?

By On August 9, 2013

Meet Psoy Korolenko, the self-described “wandering philologist”and song-tinkerer who rewrites famous lyrics until their familiar meanings are blown to bits. One such tinkering, “Oyfn Pripetchik 2” (written in collaboration with Yiddishist Alexandra Hoffman), takes the… Read More


This Hit Yiddish Song Sold for Just $30

By On December 19, 2012

Jewish maternal disappointment may never have been quite so dramatic – nor quite so public – as that of Anna Secunda, mother of composer Shalom Secunda, circa 1937. According to one article, she… Read More


Fanny Brice Meets Ozzy Osbourne

By On January 13, 2012

It might be hard to imagine a band paying homage simultaneously to 18th-century Yiddish music and 1980s heavy metal. But a few seconds listening to the band Yiddish Princess, and you’ll be convinced the two… Read More