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Meet Robert Adler, The Viennese Jew Who Invented the Clicker

By On December 27, 2017

Robert Adler was a brilliant physicist and inventor who narrowly escaped the Holocaust, came to the U.S. to help discover innovations like the electric beam parametric amplifier and touch-screen technology. But he… Read More


Meet Vicki Baum, 19th-Century Novelist & Boxer

By On February 3, 2017

If you thought you were productive today, consider that Vicki Baum, a Jewish writer born in Vienna in 1888, wrote over 50 novels in her lifetime. Also, she was a boxer. Born… Read More

The Chinese Righteous Among the Austrian Nation

The Chinese Righteous Amid the Austrian Nation

By On April 16, 2015

  The Holocaust revealed not only the extraordinary evil of people—but also the extraordinary good. Feng-Shan Ho is the perfect example of the latter. Ho served as the Chinese Consul-General in Vienna… Read More


Life Before the Nazis

By On January 6, 2012

Eastern Europe in the early years of the 20th century was at a giant crossroads: Technologically advanced, bustling cities in some parts, and in others, peasant villages that were still finding their way out of… Read More


The Father of Zionism Had His Very Own Christmas Tree

By On December 24, 2010

Jews have devised all sorts of mechanisms for dealing with the holiday on December 25 that shuts down most of the Western world. In centuries past, Jewish communities have hid from Christian… Read More

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