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Atone! With The Yom Kippur eScapegoat.

By On September 10, 2013

With the High Holidays upon us, the good folks who brought us quirky digital takes on the weekly Torah portion and that Leviticus-inspired iPhone game are back with something new: a website that lets you create a virtual scapegoat.… Read More


Jerusalem in Google’s Eyes

By On May 9, 2012

The amazing Street View function on Google Maps has given us a whole new universe of potential time-wasting. It’s possible to drag a little orange figure virtually anywhere on a map of the U.S.,… Read More


A Virtual Jerusalem

By On November 12, 2010

Virtual reality hasn’t yet figured out a way for us to taste computerized falafel or feel the dirt on the  Western Wall. But on one website, you can still pay a visit to… Read More