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The Forgotten Yemenite Jewish Exile of 1679

By On May 11, 2017

There were about 55,000 Jews living in Yemen in 1948. Today, there are 50. Though the most notorious calamity in Yemenite Jewish history were the riots following the declaration of the state of… Read More


In 1901, These Photos of Yemeni Jews Amazed the Western World

By On May 1, 2017

Since the establishment of the State of Israel (69 years ago today!), the vast majority of Yemen’s Jewish population has migrated to the Jewish State. Half a century earlier, a young German… Read More

The Yemeni Sisters Whose Video is Sweeping Across Israel and the Muslim World

The Israeli Band Carrying the Torch for Yemen’s Last Jews

By On March 28, 2016

The recent airlift evacuation of 19 Yemenite Jews to Israel made international news — now, there are only 50 Jews remaining in the Middle Eastern country. The 2000-year-old Jewish community in Yemen seems… Read More


Real Jewish Ninjas

By On April 26, 2012

Yehoshua Sofer is the “Aluf Abir” (Aluf means “champion”) or headmaster of the Abir Warrior Arts school of self-defense in Jerusalem. According to him, Jews have practiced martial arts since biblical times. As Sofer tells it, Abraham‘s father, Terah,… Read More


Singin’ the Yemen Blues

By On March 3, 2011

Ravid Kahalani, an Israeli drummer and dancer, is rediscovering his Jewish heritage–and he’s doing it while singing the blues. Growing up, Kahalani used to sing during services at his Yemenite synagogue. He was born into… Read More