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When a Yiddish Theater Starlet Surprised U.S. Troops in Korea for Hanukkah

By On December 12, 2017

In 1951, Yiddish theater star Molly Picon, together with Jacob Kalich, her husband and fellow entertainer, and Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman, the Vicar General of the United States Armed Forces, headed to Korea… Read More


This Hot Yiddish Play Featured Broadway’s First Lesbian Kiss

By On March 20, 2017

When God of Vengeance first premiered in English on Broadway in 1923, the entire cast was brought to court on charges of indecency for featuring a lesbian kiss—a Broadway first. The prolific… Read More


Israeli Artist Evokes Yiddish Theater With Dead Sea Bridal Dress

By On August 28, 2016

It turns out an amazing thing happens to traditional black Hasidic dresses when submerged in the Dead Sea for three months: They turn white and start sparkling with encrusted salt crystals. Over… Read More


The Fascinating Yiddish Origins of “Death of a Salesman”

By On October 22, 2015

  Linda Loman’s famous speech in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman demands that “attention must be paid” to a man like her husband Willy. In the New Yiddish Rep’s new staging… Read More

Yiddish Theater Takes the Web!

Yiddish Theater Takes the Web

By On January 12, 2015

Want to know about Yiddish theatre in Cairo? What about Buenos Aires, or the more familiar territory of New York’s Lower East Side? Good news: In these times of freezing temperatures and… Read More

The 1920s: When Gandhi Was a Yiddish-Speaking Puppet

Meet Mohandas Gandhi, The Yiddish-Speaking Puppet

By On December 23, 2014

Who was the Jon Stewart of the Lower East Side in the 1920s and 30s? It just may have been Modicut, a satirical, leftist Yiddish puppet theater troupe (the only one of… Read More

The Warsaw Yiddish Theater Takes America

The Warsaw Yiddish Theater Takes America

By On November 14, 2014

Starting in the early 1950s, the Polish government began funding Jewish culture to preserve and promote what little Yiddish culture remained in the country. That includes the Ester Rachel and Ida Kaminska State Jewish Theater from… Read More


The Sturgeon Queens of the Lower East Side

By On March 4, 2014

Joel Russ started selling pickled herring from a pushcart on Hester Street in the 1910s, and later made history by naming his three daughters full partners in his burgeoning business. 100 years later, the “sturgeon queens”… Read More


Yiddish Theater for the Kindergarten Set

By On November 28, 2013

A late-in-life career change isn’t so unusual. A mathematician who devotes his life to klezmer music. A full-time mom who starts her own business. But even in that context, what Betty Rosenberg Perlov has done is… Read More


“Godot” Goes Yiddish

By On October 8, 2013

If you thought Waiting for Godot was weird in English, try watching it in Yiddish. And thanks to a partnership between the New Yiddish Rep and the Castillo Theatre, now you can. Godot seems perfectly at home… Read More


Gilbert and Sullivan Go Yiddish

By On March 21, 2013

There’s nothing inherently Yiddish-y about Gilbert and Sullivan‘s body of work. But that hasn’t stopped Al Grand, a retired New York City schoolteacher, from making a name for himself by penning Yiddish interpretations of… Read More


This Hit Yiddish Song Sold for Just $30

By On December 19, 2012

Jewish maternal disappointment may never have been quite so dramatic – nor quite so public – as that of Anna Secunda, mother of composer Shalom Secunda, circa 1937. According to one article, she… Read More

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